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Plan4UA is a platform created with the support of KredoBank in order to build and strengthen 

the links between business partners, government and financial institutions of Ukraine, 

Poland, and the European Community

Events, news, announcements
The UN Agency will support Polish business in Ukraine

The United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS), due to its presence in Poland, will support Polish business interested in Ukrainian reconstruction projects.

Ukraine's membership negotiations with the EU

The accession process is an impulse conducive to the implementation of reforms, including in terms of improving the conditions and predictability of running business in Ukraine.

Ukraine: investments in public transport system

Polish companies can participate in tenders for the modernization of rolling stock and bus fleet.

Gradual recovery of the Ukrainian economy

Although macroeconomic indicators are a positive signal, Polish entrepreneurs must be aware of the risks associated with the war and the large regional diversity of Ukraine resulting from the conflict.

EU trade preferences for Ukraine

The European Union has extended trade preferences for Ukraine until 2025, which is a challenge for Poland in respect of market protection, but also provides opportunities for Polish companies to cooperate and develop.

"Ukraine Facility": EU support to Ukraine

The €50 billion European package of aid is intended to help maintain the sustainability of Ukraine's public finances, but it also includes investment instruments to accelerate Ukraine's reconstruction and modernization.

War damages: more than 250,000 residential buildings

Although the reconstruction of the housing stock is currently not a priority for the Ukrainian authorities in the face of the urgent need to protect critical infrastructure, it is ultimately an attractive offer for Polish business.

Infrastructure investing on the Polish-Ukrainian border

Projects aimed at reducing the inconvenience of crossing the border with Ukraine, implemented with a USAID grant and a Polish tied loan, are a key condition for further increasing mutual trade and the presence of Polish business in Ukraine.

KredoBank will receive another EUR 10 mln of EU guarantees for business loans in frontline areas

The representatives of the Polish bank of development Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego (BGK) and KredoBank signed an annex to the agreement, which provides further support for war-torn Ukraine.

KredoBank implements a new program of financial and grant support for Ukrainian business with the maintance of the German government

KredoBank began cooperation with the German fund of the German financial group Sparkassenstiftung for International Cooperation (GSIC).

Your Business In Ukraine, How To Start?

We believe that Ukraine after the war will be a country of rapid development. The Ukrainian authorities are already working on project management mechanisms and opening up new opportunities for investors. They create favorable conditions and offer a variety of investment options: from participation in the rebuilding of destructions through projects in traditional sectors to the possibility of conducting innovative activities.

Public procurement related to the rebuilding of Ukraine

Public procurement and tenders organized on different platforms are the key mechanisms for distributing funds for the rebuilding and reconstruction of Ukraine. Both the Ukrainian government and international partners pay a lot of attention to the transparency of these processes.

How will Ukraine manage the rebuilding and modernization process?

Here we want to share with you the information about the processes of managing rebuilding and modernization processes arising as a result of international discussions and analyses and provide the perspective of the Ukrainian government's approach to the issue.

KredoBank the EBRD expands cooperation

Agreement signed by the Ukrainian KredoBank (belonging to the Capital Group PKO Bank Polski) with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) will enable the launch of financing for Ukrainian entrepreneurs in the total amount of 125 million euros.

in the Ukrainian business:
A World Full of New Opportunities

Funding programmes

International and domestic financing programs to help Ukrainian companies attract investment to rebuild and reconstruct the country, and open up prospects for foreign partners to expand their activities and establish new business relationships.

Rebuilding measures taken

Financial and governmental institutions of Ukraine and Europe join forces to implement a long-term plan: Not only a strong and modern Ukraine, but also a strong Europe with a stable economy.

Cooperation with Ukrainian companies

Plan4UA helps you to find and establish business relationships. Hundreds of Ukrainian companies are open to cooperation with foreign companies in order to create new opportunities for doing business in Ukraine together, thanks to mutually beneficial cooperation.

Assistance to foreign companies

Ukraine may become the direction of new economic expansion. Plan4UA provides information for international partners to learn more about the investment climate and business opportunities in Ukraine.

Rebuilding Programs for Ukrainian Business

Program #1
Guarantee of the European Commission for lending to Ukrainian business in terms war

The guarantee is part of the EU4Business Framework Programme aimed at facilitating access to finance for micro and small businesses in the countries of the Eastern Partnership region. Using the funds of the European Commission, deposited in the account of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, KredoBank received the guarantees to cover potential losses (up to 90% of credit debt) that may arise with regard to lending to small and medium-sized businesses, during the period of active hostilities. Such a guarantee instrument makes it possible to finance customers in higher-risk regions of Ukraine.

Program #2
Export Credit Portfolio Insurance Program in Partnership with the Export Credit Agency

Portfolio insurance in cooperation with the Ukrainian Export Credit Agency (ECA) covering 85% of debt. The Program is designed to support Ukrainian exporters who can obtain financing from the Bank without additional collateral.

Program #3
Guarantees of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) allowing lending to Ukrainian business in terms of war

The facility, under the EBRD program "Ukraine-Resilience & Livelihoods Guarantee", may cover 50% of credit risk.

Program #4
SME Competitiveness Program for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses in the Eastern Partnership Countries (EAP SMEC)

Payment of investment incentives (cash back) in favor of bank borrowers who receive an investment loan or leasing from the Bank

Program #5
State Guarantees on a Portfolio Basis

The government covers 50% of the total amount of liabilities on the principal debt in the loan portfolio and up to 70% on each individual loan if the borrower fails to fulfil its obligations under the loan agreement.