SME Competitiveness Program for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses in the Eastern Partnership Countries (EAP SMEC)

Signed at: 26 July 2023
EUR 15M Amount of the guarantee
100% Status of use (as of 11.07.2024)
EUR 15M Utilization status

Payment of investment incentives (cash back) in favor of bank borrowers who receive an investment loan or leasing from the Bank

Who can use it:

Existing and new clients of the bank: micro, small and medium-sized enterprises as defined by European Union, which, in particular, operate in agriculture, food production, medicine production, retail trade and logistics activities.

Loan objectives:

Investment loans, financial leasing

Amount of investment incentives:

20-30% of the amount of the smaller of the next two values: the amount of financing or the cost of the investment object without VAT

Ability to combine with other programs:

Coverage of credit risks from the EBRD in the amount of 50% of the loan/leasing amount; Affordable Loans 5-7-9%

Additional information:

The aim of the program is to support long-term investments of SME clients in modernizing technologies and equipment necessary to meet EU requirements for energy efficiency, product quality, health and safety standards. Participation in the EBRD — EaP SMEC program will also allow Kredobank and its clients to receive expert assistance in the form of trainings and consulting support. The borrowers who meet the requirements will also receive grant support in the form of investment incentives (20-30%) after completing their investment projects.

Total loans/leasing under this Program is up to 500,000 Euros

Funding period - from 15 to 60 months

To receive an investment incentive from the EBRD, the client shall not receive other cashbacks under this loan/leasing agreement from state or non-state organizations (except for interest compensation under the Affordable Loans 5-7-9% program)

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