Meeting Room Reservation

If you want to meet with business partners or organize a small conference, we can provide you with a meeting room in our branch. In Lviv, we invite you to a safe meeting room in the very center of the city, right next to the Lviv Cathedral Basilica.


KredoBank offers a full range of ways to finance business ventures including current account loans, working and investment loans, foreign trade financing instruments, financial leasing. We use procedures and methods of risk assessment known from the Polish market.

Legal Consulting

Legal aid is necessary at every stage of economic activity. Thanks to the cooperation with our partners among others with PAIH and associations of Polish-Ukrainian entrepreneurs, we are ready to recommend reliable Ukrainian law firms. 

Consulting on Tendering System

If you want to participate in Ukrainian tenders related to the reconstruction and rebuilding of Ukraine, you may need support here. Feel free to contact our specialists, and we will share our knowledge and experience.

Bid Bonds

While participating in the tender procedures, you will need bid bonds, as required by the terms of the tender. Kredobank's specialists will help you understand the requirements and support you in obtaining thereof. The final decision will be based on an assessment of the client's creditworthiness.

Bank accounts and other financial services

We understand what settlement services you will need to run a business in Ukraine. We exclusively recommend our instant cross-border transfers for companies and individuals. We will also explain the specific restrictions resulting from the regulation of Ukrainian law during the period of martial law.

Accounting Consulting Services

We offer assistance in establishing relationships with reliable Ukrainian entities providing accounting services. This is possible because we understand the realities of doing business in Ukraine and cooperate with a wide network of partners.